A New Year Message

( Father Joseph Varghese)
“My days are swifter than a weaver’s shuttle, And are spent without hope.” ( Job 7:6).
Job is reminding us that our days on this earth are swifter than the weaver’s shuttle. We are spending our life aimlessly and endlessly as we thought to live for ever. 
As we celebrate the herald of a new year, it is time for a reflection and taking stock of our achievements as well as our failures. 
It is the time to look how we used our time. 
A time to look on the essentials of our life and avoiding all frivolous occupations of time which rob the soul of its days and leave no residuum of blessing or benefit.
Guard against frivolous of life and chasing those things which can be attained only in this present world and not thinking life hereafter. 
Love to live a positive life. Life is very brief, but it is long enough to enable every one to lay hold on eternal life, to prepare himself for that eternal life, and to do work that hereafter may be reflected upon with pleasure.
With this thought wishing you all a Blessed, happy and Peaceful 2020.
God Bless you all 
Father Joseph Varghese