Los Angeles . July 17, 2018

( Father Joseph Varghese, National Council of Churches, USA).

The First Dialogue between the National Council of Churches in USA and the Hindu Organizations under the umbrella of Hindu Vedanta Society began today at Los Angeles, California. The Guibord Center of Los Angeles hosted the event at the famous First Congregational Church in Los Angeles. The National Council of Churches is represented by Dr Antonio Kirepoulos, Asst. Secretary; Dr Jesudas Athiyal of the Marthoma Church; Fr Joseph Varghese of the Syrian Orthodox Church; Dr Shane Kinnison of the American Baptist Church; Rev Dr Deenabandhu Manchala of the Methodist Church; Rev. Dr Karen Georgia Thompson of the United Church of Christ; Dr Don Thorsen of the Wesleyan Theological Society; Dr Michael Trice of the Evangelical LutheranChurch/ Seattle University. The Hindu Organizations was represented by Swami Sarvavedanda of the Vedanta Society of Southern California; Rev. Dr Guinee Guibord of the Guibord Center; Dr Rini Ghosh of the Vedanta Society; Swami Sarvapeiyanda of the Vedanta Society, New York; Sister Vino of the Brahma Kumaris of Los Angelus; Dr Veda Das of ISKON.

The Christian side present topics on universal salvation where as the Hindus present the papers on Illumination. The dialogue identified potential areas of cooperation and sought ways to diffuse the contentious situations in Hindu majority countries. Critical issues affecting both communities in the USA and globally is an ongoing issue and continue to address in the next meeting. Both Christian and Hindu religions profess peace, human rights and individual freedom and promised work together to attain this goal. The group visited the famous First Congregational Church in Los Angeles.