The status of Jerusalem has long been at the center of the Israeli – Palestinian conflict. While West Jerusalem serves as the de facto capital of Israel, East Jerusalem has always been considered the capital of the future state of Palestine. By unilaterally declaring the entire city to be Israel’s capital, and by announcing the upcoming move of the US Embassy to Jerusalem, Mr. Trump has thrown fuel on the fires of conflict in the region. People are likely to die as a direct result of this decision.

“Such a step breaks with the longstanding international consensus, and almost seven decades of established American policy, that the status of Jerusalem remains to be settled.” Said Fr Joseph Varghese, Executive Director of IRFT.

More over the protection of Christians and their institutions in Jerusalem is in jeopardy due to this unilateral decision. The concern of the Churches in the Holy Land is very much evident on the above letter, observed Fr Joseph Varghese, Executive Director of IRFT.