United Nations, November 2, 2017:

( IRFT Newsline)

A UN Conference on Peace, Reconciliation and Justice was held at the United Nations sponsored by Permanent Mission of Holy See and other NGO entities. Father Joseph Varghese, Executive Ditector of Institute for Religious Freedom and Tolerance was an invitee to the Conference. The meeting began at 3:00 p.m. in Conference Room 6, event entitled “Peace, Reconciliation and Justice: The Future of Religious and Ethnic Minorities Victimized by Daesh” organized by the Permanent Observer Mission of the Holy See and the NGO Committee on Freedom of Religion or Belief. Vatican’s Ambassador H.E. Archbishop Bernardito Auza, Apostolic NuncioPermanent Observer, United Nations who chaired the Conference. In his opening remark, he underscore the importance of immediate assistance for rehabilitation of the displaced minorities by ISIS. The United Kingdom Ambassador to UN, HE Ambassador Jonathan Allen explained the current the UN resolution 2379 to help the refugees and rebuild Iraq. United States was represented by Ambassador Kelly Curry, Economic and Social Council of the United Nations reiterated the US stand for bringing justice to the victims of ISIS. The highlight of the event was direct testimony of Yezidi girl, Khidur Bajoo who was kidnapped, tortured and sold 10 times to be victimized by ISIS. 

International known human rights lawyer Jacqueline Isaac introduces Khidur Bajoo and narrated the three failed attempts of Bajoo to escape from ISIS. Jacqueline saved Bajoo from a suicide attempt and took her to international stage as living witness to ISIS atrocities. They addressed the European Union, British Parliament and United States Congress before. The Ambassadors from Iraq, Hungary also addressed the Conference.