New York, February 23, 2016( IRFT Newswire).

The freedom for free speech in India are at stake, Father Joseph Varghese, Executive Director of IRFT said in a letter to the United Nations Human Rights Commission. In the letter Father Joseph Varghese asked UNHRC to conduct an independent enquiry to the recent incidents at the Jawaharlal Nehru University and book the Modi Government failing to ensure the human rights of the people involved.

For Kanhaiya Kumar, the student body president at Jawaharlal Nehru University, February 9, 2016 started perhaps like any other. But later that day he made a fatal mistake, in a speech at a protest rally at JNU—India’s Berkeley—wherein he criticized Modi and the Hindutva party, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). Three days after his speech, Kanhaiya was arrested on charges of sedition. While being escorted by the police to the court, he was attacked and beaten up twice, according to Indian media—initially by a mob of lawyers, and then again a second time by a ‘man in dark glasses’ when he was being kept in a room at the court before the hearing. Later, Kumar was refused bail.

Later the Police had a new script. They said evidence points to Umar Khalid, a PhD student at JNU, as the main organizer of the protest rally. So now Kanhaiya is expected to be let go and the spotlight has shifted to Umar Khalid.

In India, Father Varghese added, no matter where things start, no matter how things may appear at the beginning, in the end, it is a minority who is sacrificed. Because nothing else pleases or pacifies the Hindutva movement.